The Lemons of Travelling

When life gives you lemons.  Make lemonade.

I believe this is a mantra that every traveller should abide by and, fortunately, many do. Without following this neat little phrase a traveller will find no joy in their trip. No adventure no memory, so let the hard times roll! For example, when travelling to a third world country the comforts and security of your home can be extremely hard to find; especially when travelling on a budget. Those little luxuries that we often take for granted-a hot shower, clean (or free) drinking water, a bed without bed bugs, buses that show up within an hour of their scheduled arrival or, in my case, somewhere to fix a lap top-are few and far between.

When I have a technical dilemma at home the solution is a quick trip to the computer man, who will have my precious lap top back to me within a few hours. However, when faced with a similar dilemma in a rather remote Guatemalan town I ran into one rather large problem-there was no computer man. I decided to wait until my travels led me to a larger city, though I eventually came to the realization that the average Guatemalan person doesn’t really care about computers, and are more interested in feeding their family on a daily basis.

After several failed attempts at explaining my dilemma to a number of equally bewildered internet café owners (for some reason Guatemalans don’t seem to understand dumb-man Spanish too well) I found my saving grace in the captivating island town of Flores. $80.00 and a new hard drive later and I am set to go! I have dusted off my writing cap and will attempt to recapture all that I have missed in the past three weeks. However, I may be short of time, which will mean that Guatemala will remain undocumented. At least in this little blog!

Guatemala has been truly breathtaking and whatever words I may type will do it little justice. I am now heading to the picturesque Belize for a slice of the Caribbean, though as I leave Guatemala I can’t help but feel like I am leaving behind my new country of choice (until my next destination which I will undoubtedly fall in love with).


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