Chiang Mai: The Rose of The North

Each February Chiang Mai hosts one of the most spectacular parades in Thailand-The Flower Festival. Keeping true to its title ‘Rose of the North’, The Flower Festival gives Chiang Mai the chance to truly swing into full bloom with an extravagant offering of intricate flower sculptures of animals, temples and scenes from traditional Thai stories, as well as food markets, local handicrafts and a sensational beauty pageant. Here, Thai culture is brought to the forefront and explodes in a traditional celebration of magnificent proportions.

The Flower Festival is held each February as this is when the Thai climate is at its coolest, and also because during this month more than 3000 species of orchid-whether the calming purplish orchirds or the enticing red roses-come to bloom and reveal their dazzling beauty. It is a parade that attracts not only locals but also crowds of visitors from around the world, witnessing the old city come alive with colourful displays of floral delight.

Streets come alive at Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Streets come alive at Chiang Mai Flower Festival

The parade takes place for the majority of the day and slowly winds through the streets of Chiang Mai, altering the normally rushed pace of the city to a state of calmness. If you find that you need a break from the constant floats and dazzling colours, salvation can be found in one of the many streets surrounding the parade. These streets play host to an array of small shopfronts from fresh Thai cuisine, handicrafts, fruit markets and clothing.

For those adventurous spirits who are bored of the traditional Thai food, fear not, as you have the opportunity to try some unique Thai delicacies that will be difficult to find on a restaurant menu. From deep-fried cockroaches, spiders and worms to steamed piranha your tastebuds will be treated to a range of foreign tastes and flavours.

The alternate flavours of Chiang Mai

The alternate flavours of Chiang Mai


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