About Sand In My Sandals

Who-‘One of the many nameless travellers that can be found wandering the world in search of a memory.’

Hi, my name is Sam.


Throughout my life I have been passionate about travelling and interacting with cultures that are dissimilar from my own; meeting people with differing views and beliefs about the world we all share. I have come to realise that each person I meet is like a grain of sand. On the surface we feel that we are the same-we all have the same physical attributes and we all inhabit this world as a singular species-but at a certain point in time, like a grain of sand, we may collide and come to rest at the same destination.

 We may collide on the beach speckled shores of Sydney or the exotic streets of Bangkok; we may find each other lost in the overwhelming chaos and smells of Iran, Uganda or India; we may brush past each other in one of London or Brazil’s famous food markets or we may just enjoy sitting by a warm fire, drink in hand, at one of the world’s great backpacker hostels. Wherever we may come to rest, we have all seen different things and shared unique experiences. We may not know why we collided at a certain destination, and we realise that we will soon be washed away to another shore to experience something new entirely, but we enjoy learning from others and experiencing what this world has to offer. Like a grain of sand, we continue moving.

Sand In My Sandals is not merely a journal of my journeys around the world, but an exploration into the different people and cultures that I have collided with. However, for those looking for some inspirational pictures and stories to start them off on their grand adventure, fear not, because with each great wonder of the world there is a person looking for an excuse to tell an exciting story. What does this mean? This means lots of pretty photos and inspirational travel tips to ensure a truly memorable travel experience.

I am curious about our world and I aim to document as much about the people that intrigue me, the cultures that mystify me and the wonders that inspire me as I possibly can.

I love a good debate, and I would love to hear from anyone who has (or knows of) a unique story which needs telling.

But for now, happy travels.



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